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Having successfully resolved hundreds of complex disputes through mediation and negotiation, we value our client feedback about the quality of our services:

"The dispute was complex and fraught with significant animosity between the parties. Despite the serious obstacles, the case eventually settled. Mr. Mathews was indispensable in reaching settlement. He is thoughtful and knowledgeable and he displayed persistence and a continual willingness to work with the parties and brainstorm settlement possibilities."

Michael K. Coran
Klehr, Harrison, Harvey, Branzburg & Ellers LLP

"Thank you very much for bringing this case to a successful conclusion. Without your input, I do believe that the cost of litigating the case would have exceeded the settlement."

Jay Barry Harris
Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C.

"I must say that your company name is most appropriate as you were truly 'effective' in resolving the OneBeacon matter. I will certainly keep you and your company in mind in the future."

Frank W. Daly, Esq.
Daly & O'Brien, P.C.

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help. The closing was completed last night... after 11 hours! I truly think this wouldn't have happened if your services weren't in place. Thanks again and we owe you a case when our new beer is ready!"

Nancy Barton
Philadelphia Brewing Company

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