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Sample Cases

Mr. Mathews has resolved literally hundreds of complex disputes through mediation and direct negotiation. The following are examples of the broad range of matters he has settled:

  • State court claim for misrepresentation and detrimental reliance on the audited financial statements of a corporate borrower against which Corestates, as lender, agreed to forebear.  The bank achieved a multimillion dollar settlement from a major accounting firm.

  • Federal court action by Charles County, Maryland against Meridian Bank’s government securities dealer for alleged unlawful sale of high-risk derivative securities.

  • A commercial real estate lease dispute between a large health care provider and a national real estate concern.

  • Philadelphia Commerce Program contract action between an insurance company and a consortium of automobile dealerships concerning workers' compensation insurance premiums.

  • Declaratory judgment action against an insurer for wrongful denial of coverage under a professional errors and omissions policy.  A seven figure settlement was achieved through mediation.

  • Class action alleging breach of fiduciary duty in connection with the conversion of common trust funds into the bank’s proprietary mutual funds.  A $20.5 million settlement was achieved through direct negotiations following four mediation sessions with two different mediators.

  • Class action alleging improper bank overdraft fees.

  • Alleged breach of fiduciary duty by the bank in administering two related family trusts.  The mediation involved the active participation of more than fifteen family members with distinct interests together with their counsel.

  • Action in the Commercial Branch of London’s Royal Courts of Justice for alleged fraudulent misrepresentation by the bank in confirming more than $15 million of letters of credit issued by five Middle East banks. The case settled after three weeks of trial.

  • Alleged breach of contract and ERISA violations by Wachovia in providing administrative, record-keeping and investment management services to a company’s profit sharing plan.

  • Federal court action alleging breach of a software development agreement.

  • Federal court action by a national corporation against Corestates for alleged wrongful termination of an agreement to sell its merchant card business.

  • Class action alleging ERISA violations in connection with outsourcing the bank’s information technology function.

  • Alleged breach of fiduciary duty for failure to diversify investments on behalf of a personal trust.

  • Alleged violation of the exclusive naming rights to a major sports arena.

  • Preference action against the bank by a trustee in bankruptcy. 

  • Federal court action against an investment banking firm in connection with a failed private placement offering.

  • Commerce Court dispute and related Federal Court insurance coverage litigation arising from the sale of a business and alleged breach of fiduciary duties by the officers and directors of the corporate purchaser of the business.

  • Court appointed corporate custodian of a closely held company in which the shareholders had reached impasse preventing necessary corporate action.

  • Court appointed discovery master to perform review of documents purportedly subject to privilege.

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