Legal Services

Mr. Mathews has a broad range of experience in corporate, securities, transactions and commercial litigation.  His current representations include serving as counsel for Freedom Medical, Inc., which rents, sells and services biomedical equipment through a national network of branch offices.  

Corporate Legal Services include the formation and organization of corporations, partnerships and joint ventures as well as counseling on legal issues that arise during business operations.

Transactional Legal Services include the legal aspects of the sale, purchase or leasing of real estate; bank and other types of financing; equipment purchases, sales and leasing; asset purchases and sales, and other business transactions.

Securities Legal Services range from private placements and other forms of exempt transactions; registration and reporting by regulated professionals and companies; representation of parties in SEC and investigations and enforcement actions and the representation of parties in securities arbitrations.

Commercial Litigation Services include serving as lead or co-counsel in federal and state courts in a variety of complex matters such as claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Action (“RICO”), the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”), breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and tort claims.  For additional information about specific litigation, see his Summary of Litigation Experience.

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